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0 star for the moment

I just bought Passage for my IPhone 5s and it crash at the beginning... And their is no one to contact so I guess it will stay like that.

Dont work

i buy the app but dont work, not even opened

Stunning, beautiful, powerful.

I wish I could play this again for the first time. Even though I have it on my mac I felt the urge to "donate" the small fee and get it for the iPhone so I can carry it along with me wherever I go and give it to people and watch their reaction. Unfortunately though, however high my apreciation for the game is, I believe the controls in this version do get in the way of the experience considerably. If you could aply a control method that doesnt force the player to look where he needs to place the finger to move the character then one could focus on the experience and what the game is trying to say instead of having to constantly think about the controls. Maybe tilt control? Or the way "Dropship" does it but without the HUD? Other than that its sublime as ever!

Buy it, play it, think about it

Among other things, we can think of games as ways to waste time or enhance it. Passage will never find itself in the former category. It may find itself in the latter category for people who are interested in exploring the interstices of media (new or old) and their experiences. Think of Shakespeare hired to author "Dick and Jane" primers... or of prog-rockers speculating on the nature of the universe with three chords and limited poetic vocabularies...


This simple little game with pixelated graphics and simplistic (but beautiful) music has struck a real chord with me. I urge you not to find out anything else about the game, youll just ruin the experience for yourself. If you are looking for a twitcher, slasher, or bubble-popping game then keep moving. If you are looking for a short (5min), sweet experience that could well change your life, then give it a shot. It may well be the first game Ive ever played (and Im a near-40-gamer) that I can honestly describe as "art" in the truest sense of the word.


It is a ART work, rather than a game. The music is GREAT! I really enjoy this mini game, and i was really sad when my "wife"dead.....

I spent a dollar for this??? Ouch!

Pointless, poorly executed game. Calling it a game is kind. Save you dollar and go buy some gum at the lasts longer. The game should be free and even then it would suck.

Beautiful and inspiring


Space and time!

This is amazing art piece! Well worth the price!

Brilliant experience

... Well worth it to support the scene.

Heart-Felt Recommendation

Poetic and charming. If youre just looking for fun, you should look elsewhere. However, if youre interested in games as art, you may enjoy this.

Worth the price

If you are over 25 you will probably appreciate this game for its simplistic beauty and artistic style. If you want a fast action arcade game look elsewhere.

Stunning. Beautiful. Moving.

Worth a hundred pennies easily. For such a seemingly simplistic presentaion, it speaks volumes to the player. This is a work of art. Like art, it invokes pure emotion. Good work!

The best

One of my favorite games ever. Those who say otherwise just dont understand it.

Touched my heart

I can relate to this so much. It speaks to me. Jason Rohrer is a genius, and an inspiration to me as a game designer.

Digital Medicine

These days we need all the perspective an catharsis we can get. Passage is a game that can heal your soul, but it hinges on the players creativity. Those with stunted imaginations will have a far less rich experience.

Love this game

I remembered playing this game a long time ago and decided to play this game again. Immediately bought this game when I found this game in the App Store. Although it is a short game, its one of my favourite games I always bring up to people. Thanks for creating this game!

Could Make You Cry

One of the most delicate games of all time. Dont be fooled by the apparent simplicity - Roher is a master designer. Look into the story behind the creation of this game. Its fascinating.

Impossible to launch

Game crashes right after launch on iPhone 6 plus

Doesnt appear to work on newer versions of iOS

Just downloaded this today. Didnt realize this game was so old. It just quits immediately when I try to open it. Guessing its been obsoleted by newer versions of iOS. Oh well.

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